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Counseling Services for Children

A Note to the Struggling Child

Hey, kiddo!  How’s it going?  Are you having a bit of a rough time?  Do you ever feel “out-of-control” with your feelings, like you get so angry you feel like you could hit, kick, or punch someone?  Do you ever feel frustrated with yourself and ask “ugh, why do I keep doing that?”  Maybe you feel shy and don’t feel comfortable asking for what you need or want. Perhaps, you’re someone who hates making mistakes and feel really big feelings (like anger or sadness) when you don’t win.

Everyone Struggles. A Counselor Can Help.

If you can relate to any of that, or have other struggles I didn’t mention, I want you to know, you’re not weird.  There’s nothing wrong with you and you’re not alone!  All of the kids I work with struggle with similar difficulties, and working and talking with a counselor can help you feel better and give you the tools to feel more in control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

A Note to Parents

If you see your child in the above narrative, or you read it to them and something resonated with them, ask if they’d like to meet me for a complimentary consultation so they (and you) can see if we’d be a good fit to work together.  If the answer is yes, click on the button below to connect with me!

Individual Counseling for Children

Working collaboratively with parents, I use cognitive behavioral & solution-focused brief therapy techniques to help children with the following topics:



Executive Functioning
Emotion Regulation/Anger Management

Identity and Self-Concept (BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Children of Immigrants)

Positive Behavior Support


Group Counseling for Children

Emotional Regulation skills

This 10-week group helps children learn skills to identify and manage their big feelings.

Social Skills

This 10-week group helps children learn how to establish, maintain, and repair friendships.

Click the button below to be added to the interest list for the next round of skill-building groups.

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